Getting It In

Last week out on the hunt, the car broke down and we thought that was the end of that. Good fortune came our way when a hot blonde rescued us on a lonely road. We had already been walking for miles, so it was a welcomed sight to see especially when it was a smoking babe inside. Nikki Capone was really nice and started flirting right off the bat. She gave a us a ride back to the house and was all about coming to hang with us. Turns out she was a dancer at a local club and was just getting out, so she had this outfit showing off her awesome ass. Once she came inside the house, she was all over Brad, and it was just a matter of time before she started with a lap dance then to taking off her clothes. You do not want to miss one moment of this hot momma showing off all her sick moves, plus she knows how to suck and ride dick like a real pro!

Getting It In

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